Airguns are rapidly evolving. What a modern PCP airgun can do currently is simply staggering. These last few years; the technology, efficiency, and abilities of airguns have exponentially increased.

The modern shooter needs innovative ammo that can shoot longer and still retain high precision accuracy. The standard diabolo pellet shape helps maximize accuracy in airgun barrels due to their low bearing surface and ability to shape itself to the barrel.

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But the pellet has limitations in the stabilizing drag of the pellet shape results in a quick loss of energy as well as being easily moved the wind. Pellets simply cannot maximize the potential of the modern PCP airgun. To solve these issues FX presents a new Hybrid Slug that is a perfect blend of the pellet and slug. The FX Hybrid Slug will revolutionize what an airgun can do. The Hybrid benefits form the external dimensions of a high ballistic coefficient slug of much heavier weight but has a completely hollow core and deep recessed base, making it light enough to be shot with extreme accuracy.

Its unique shape and extreme low weight, combined with an optimal bearing surface, allow for velocities and trajectories that are unparalleled by any other slug or pellet. With the FX Hybrid you get a flatter trajectory with less wind drift, more retained energy, and much more accuracy at longer distances than any pellet; all with massive expansion for hunting. This unique patented design is unleashing the possibilities of both distance and the accuracy you can achieve with an airgun.Dubber was instrumental as I understand it in designing the X Barrel for slugs.

As such, he had access to finished product before it hit the market for the rest of us. I've heard some slug liners are now available, but don't know of anyone doing extensive testing yet. For now, I've settled on the NSA 30gr slugs, and I'm trying to increase power to get up to around fps for the next level of testing.

I do plan to try casting some of my own at some point, but I'll be surprised if they can compete with the NSA swaged slugs. Thank you Rusty and all for your feedback. Hi Stephane. I guess I was just really lucky. I had read that the slug liners would be available, but weren't in stock yet, so I placed an order with AOA expecting a long wait.

Much to my surprise, I got a shipping notice just a few days later. I haven't really followed the availability, but it sounds like that may have been the only batch they got.

I asked Roelf of Air Hunters which I should go with to start…the 19 or 21gr slugs. He advised me to try the 19gr slugs at a target velocity of to fps. If you watch some of the long shots very closely, you can see some wobble around the yd mark. Seems to me just as with pellets, each weight is going to prefer a certain velocity range. It can't be much different from centerfire rifles, where you would not shoot a light and fast bullet with a fast twist rate. Same as shooting a slower and heavy bullet with a slow twist rate….

I should be able to get to fps easily with the 19gr slugs in my rifle. If they aren't accurate enough 1. I won't go heavier because that will just mean lower velocity and probably require a faster twist rate than what's currently available. I asked Roelf of Air Hunters which I should go with to start Same as shooting a slower and heavy bullet with a slow twist rate I really hate it when results are wishy-washy.

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Those guys are shooting the lighter slugs, and Matt leans toward the lighter end as well, but anything under 27gr is completely unstable in my barrel. With 21gr, I can literally have flyers that are 2ft off at 70 yds. You can hear them tumbling when you shoot them.

I'd say 2 out of 10 are completely unstable, and for the others the group size is 6" or more at 70 yds.

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I had it at the target comparing the readings to the LabRadar. I would also question the desire to shoot the lighter slugs.We are excited to introduce the new FX Hybrid. We have been lucky enough to test these slugs for a few months now and have been blown away with the performance.

Though these slugs have been developed to specifically work in FX barrels, they also have shot well in other brand guns and barrel types Lothar, CZ, etc.

The unique Hybrid design allows the slug to remain lightweight, but not sacrifice any bearing surface or height. This design also has the benefit of a very deep hollow point. We have tested these slugs into ballistics gel, dense clay and hunting live game with great expansion and accuracy. Testing is still being done in different guns, barrel lengths, liners, and velocity. They can be pretty tight in some barrels and it will require more effort to seat depending on the barrel diameter.

Shipping: Calculated at Checkout. Add to Basket Add to Wishlist. View basket Checkout. New Wishlist. Make wishlist public.

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Create Wishlist. Specs Weight: 22gr Height: 0. Related Products. View Product. The Smooth Twist X Barrel is a fully rifled barrel liner.

Slow VS Fast Slugs - Hunting \u0026 Accuracy

We have also found View Product Pick Options. Users are encouraged to upgrade their existing rifles to this View Product Add to Basket. Javelin slugs are designed to travel long distances with minimal influence from externalThe new FX Hybrid Slugs are big news in the airgun world.

But how do they stack-up against traditional airgun ammo? The slugs, of course are the new 22 Grain. The 22 Grain slugs actually weighed an average of The 16 Grain pellets had an average of Our intention was to compare the velocity and kinetic energy of the FX slugs and pellets. They were shot under as near as possible to identical conditions.

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Same location, same equipment, same state of tune on the Impact, reasonably consistent wind. All shots were taken within a total of about 20 minutes. For the test, we set a target 50 Yards downrange.

fx impact 22 slugs

We also set-up a Labradar doppler radar unit to record the velocities. This enabled us to record the Muzzle Velocities, together with downrange velocities at 10 yards, 20 Yards, 30 Yards, 40 Yards and 50 yards. Ten pellets were fired and the resulting velocities averaged.

The same procedure was followed for the slugs. The slugs — being heavier — had a lower Muzzle Velocity than the pellets. The average was But their 50 Yard velocity was higher at The more rapid decline in velocity with range is clear, due to their lower Ballistic Coefficient. Now we can see that the velocities are the same for both FX slugs and pellets at about 36 Yards. Of course velocities are one thing. For hunting, the amount of energy being conveyed downrange is much more important.

This graph shows how the slugs start out with a Muzzle Energy of This declines to The combined chart shows that the 22 Grain Hybrid Slugs actually have more kinetic energy at 50 Yards than the 16 Grain pellets do at 10 Yards. Also we see that the slugs loose energy downrange much slower than the pellets.

fx impact 22 slugs

The gap between the red and green lines increases with increasing range. You can find these results discussed in much more detail, together with BC calculations, in this subsequent post. HAM participates in affiliate advertising programs. These allow us to earn a commission when you click on an affiliate link. For example, as an Amazon Associate, HAM earns from qualifying purchases if you buy by clicking-through from that link.

For questions, contact the Publisher, Stephen Archer.This is particularly useful for shooting airgun slugs and other heavy projectiles. This simple kit brings some key modifications to the rifle to maximize the power and accuracy potential of the Impact, especially when using slugs. Increased velocity is achieved in large part to the addition of two hammer weight spacers.

These are placed in front of the return spring on the hammer weight guide. This allows for more compression on the hammer spring as well as adding more weight to the overall hammer. Combined with the hammer weight spacers is a replacement valve return spring. This is slightly lighter than the original spring, thus allowing the valve to stay open longer when the gun is fired. This allows more air through the valve for each shot, the better to propel heavier projectiles like airgun slugs.

Also included in this Slug Power Kit is a cleverly designed pin probe. This adjustable pin probe allows for adjustable seating depth, dependent on your projectile. FX Airguns says that this aids in accuracy.

The improvement is attributed to improved seating of the projectile into the barrel. The pin probe also increases the air flow in the barrel due to its slimmer design. The kit comes with a. An additional sleeve slides over it to create a. The company says that test results were impressive.

FX Hybrid Slugs | .22 Caliber (22gr) | 100ct

Results will vary based on caliber and weight of projectile, but initial FX testing on a variety of projectiles resulted in the following range improvements. It does, however, involve some level of competence in working on the FX Impact.

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fx impact 22 slugs

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