Asked by Wiki User. The first part, where the lyrics say, "Twinkle twinkle, little star" is disjunct because it jumps a fifth. The melody with the lyrics, "How I wonder what you are" is conjunct. A conjunct is to a conjunction, what a summand is to a sum. Similarly for a disjunct. Simply put Otherwise you have a melody of just one note, or a never ending scale in the most simplistic terms.

All good melodies need some form of balance in the direction of the melody to keep it interesting and to keep it in the range of the instrument.

The duration of Melodies for You is 1. It can play melodies and harmonies. Melodies can be found in every song of an opera. Most likely these melodies are called character arias or recitatives.

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The duration of Merrie Melodies is There are a great many different kinds of melodies in music. These melodies include classical, baroque, and contemporary melodies for example. Melodies is a noun. It's the plural form of melody. The duration of Melodies of Vera Quarter is 1.

Stationary ascending descending conjunct disjunct. Thomas Molyneux has written: 'Conjunct expeditions'.

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Well, The Elephant contains many fairy melodies. Polyphony is combining melodies at the same time. Mashups are melodies that are played at different times. Melodies of Life - was released on: USA: Western Melodies - was released on: USA: The cast of Melodies - includes: Kunihiko Matsunaga as Kun.

Ask Question. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered What s conjunct and disjunct? Is the song Not Over You a disjunct or conjunct melody? Conjunct - it is within scalar movement.

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Do most melodies consist of a combination of conjunct and disjunct motion? How do you use melodies in a sentence? What is the duration of Melodies for You? Does the clarinet play melodies? When was Melodies from Mars created? Melodies from Mars was created in What is a conjunct in music?I would like to answer this question here so everyone can learn from it. You can tell when a melody is conjunct because it makes only minor second or major second steps. Something like a scale, with no big leaps in it.

On the other hand, we call it a disjunct melody if it has bigger leaps in it. Bigger than a major second interval! A typical song contains both conjunct and disjunct melodies or motifs.

You can see that the verse starts with a disjunct melody right away with those big leaps. However, keep in mind that a melody with a disjunct melody is harder to sing, so always consider who will be singing your melody when you write the song. Interested in Songwriting?

Author of the Songwriting Essentials. Remember Me. Create a new account. What is a conjunct melody You can tell when a melody is conjunct because it makes only minor second or major second steps. Tamas Bodzsar.

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conjunct melody songs

No search term specified.I guess what I mean is pop music anywhere from the '50s to the '90s, in general. Two lead vocal lines, very different, which overlap words occasionally. Totally brilliant at capturing the feel that GoF was after. Gotta warn you, OP, it starts with over a minute of strident guitar feedback, but when the drums kick in, you want to hear it on a loud stereo! Sleater-Kinney also made extensive use of the simultaneous vocals with different melodies and lyrics technique, particularly on The Hot Rock album.

conjunct melody songs

ETA2: Nah, looks like that is supposed to be a theramin, not a high falsetto. As in several other examples already mentioned, both melodies are introduced alone earlier in the song, then combined at the end. As with most threads that get all technical about music, I have no clue what you people are talking about.

That would make more sense - the lines in my mind between harmony and countermelody were a bit blurred. Ignorance fought! You hit it right on the mark! Then there is the rest of the music, played by rythm or base, sung by the chorus.

You notice it more if you are a backup musician: mostly you get to play boring notes, sometimes you get to play music. Pachelbel Rant. Pop songs with good countermelodies? Cafe Society. Thanks for your response RealityChuckI guess what I mean is pop music anywhere from the '50s to the '90s, in general. I have always enjoyed the one in the chorus of Fall On Me by R.

First one I thought of.Melody is one of the most basic elements of music. A note is a sound with a particular pitch and duration.

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String a series of notes together, one after the other, and you have a melody. Extra notes, such as trills and slides, that are not part of the main melodic line but are added to the melody either by the composer or the performer to make the melody more complex and interesting are called ornaments or embellishments. There are some common terms used in discussions of melody that you may find it useful to know. Below are some more concepts that are associated with melody.

A melody that stays on the same pitch gets boring pretty quickly. As the melody progresses, the pitches may go up or down slowly or quickly. One can picture a line that goes up steeply when the melody suddenly jumps to a much higher note, or that goes down slowly when the melody gently falls. Such a line gives the contour or shape of the melodic line.

You can often get a good idea of the shape of this line by looking at the melody as it is written on the staff, but you can also hear it as you listen to the music.

conjunct melody songs

Arch shapes in which the melody rises and then falls are easy to find in many melodies. You can also describe the shape of a melody verbally. Another set of useful terms describe how quickly a melody goes up and down. A melody that rises and falls slowly, with only small pitch changes between one note and the next, is conjunct.

One may also speak of such a melody in terms of step-wise or scalar motion, since most of the intervals in the melody are half or whole steps or are part of a scale.

Conjunct melody

A melody that rises and falls quickly, with large intervals between one note and the next, is a disjunct melody. Many melodies are a mixture of conjunct and disjunct motion. A melody may show conjunct motion, with small changes in pitch from one note to the next, or disjunct motion, with large leaps.

Many melodies are an interesting, fairly balanced mixture of conjunct and disjunct motion. Range refers to the distance between the highest and lowest notes found in a given melody. When a piece of music has wide rangethere is a great distance between the highest and lowest pitches heard. Melodies are often described as being made up of phrases. A musical phrase is actually a lot like a grammatical phrase. How do you spot a phrase in a melody? In vocal music, the musical phrases tend to follow the phrases and sentences of the text.

Often, phrases come in definite pairs, with the first phrase feeling very unfinished until it is completed by the second phrase, as if the second phrase were answering a question asked by the first phrase.

Are these songs conjunct or disjunct?

When phrases come in pairs like this, the first phrase is called the antecedent phrase, and the second is called the consequent phrase. Often the phrases in a melody will run into each other, cut each other short, or overlap. This is one of the things that keeps a melody interesting. Define the melody of this composition in terms of range, motion, and contour. A motive may only consist of a few pitches or maybe divided in smaller cells.

A leitmotif whether it is a very short cell or a long phrase is associated with a particular character, place, thing, or idea in the opera and may be heard whenever that character is on stage or that idea is an important part of the plot.

As with other motifs, leitmotifs may be changed when they return. For example, the same melody may sound quite different depending on whether the character is in love, being heroic, or dying. Themes generally are at least one phrase long and often have several phrases.

Many longer works of music, such as symphony movements, have more than one melodic theme. The tune of this theme will be very familiar to most people, but you may want to listen to the entire last movement of the symphony to hear the different ways that Beethoven uses the melody again and again. These themes are often complete melodies with many phrases, but a single phrase can be taken from the melody and used as a motif.Consonant Music is like California Dreamin' where the music is harmonious and "in tune.

Dissonant Music is when the music isn't harmonious and the harmony "clashes. Though there are plenty of compositions that sound like the toddlers found the spoons and the pans! I don't care for it, but whatever floats your boat. And btw, plants grown listening to dissonant music are weak and even mutated. Plants thrive when Mozart is "played" to them. In fact one city was having a problem with drugs and violence and such, so they piped in Mozart all around that area and the gangstas moved out.

I liked it. Also the intro to The Way is "dissonant" but the song is actually consonant. I knew this one as my kid loves music and I like this song too. Grew up with Led Zepplin and though loud rock n roll, it is still consonant. Back Door Man has several "meanings" but again, consonant. Conjunct and disjunct refer to the intervals between notes.

If the notes are moving in a stepwise manner, C to D to E etc. If the notes move in leaps C to F to A etc. Since the examples you've given are all pop songs, chances are good they are all conjunct. Disjunct melodies aren't really all that accessible to the average casual listener's ear, and seeing as the whole point of pop music is to write something catchy so that you sell lots of copies of your song, it would make sense that the pop musician would opt for something less demanding of the listener's attention when writing music.

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Boxing legend Leon Spinks dies of cancer at Answer Save. Amethyst33 Lv 7. I know most of these songs but the terms used in music are Consonant and Dissonant. Music "feeds" our soul.The lyrics were written by their band leader, Trent Reznor. I was going to choose another song by Johnny Cash, but this song really got to me and I found myself listening to it over and over. And even though it has a sad nature to the lyrics and tone, I really enjoy this song overall. They tempo is slow as well, which in music terms is adagio.

The song seems to have a triple-meter beat. It has an accelerando rhythm, which is a gradual speeding up of the tempo. It is smooth, and seems easy to sing or play; therefore, it is has a conjunct melody. They all sinc very well together. Since the song gradually gets louder, it has a crescendo dynamic. The power of the song lies within its intoxicating tone, as soon as you hear the first bar, the song has you.

You are taken into a world of extreme sadness, into a world meeting its end. You meet a man looking for redemption, to change his lifeā€”but it is too late. He would give everything up to go back and do it all over, simply to live his life, to have more time.

To do it in a four-minute music video is shocking. This version is so rough and raw. Thank you so much for sharing the video. I had never watched it before. Like Like. I love this song so much, and have since the first time I heard it.

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You can feel so much emotion through his voice, I agree that it is haunting.Lengths of phrases can vary. In order for the parts to end simultaneously, the canon may break down at the end of the composition. The canonic parts may occur at the unison or some other interval. Row, row, row your boat.? Diatonic intervals are found within this type of scale. Major scales are used. Minor scales are used.

Singing in octaves is considered a monophonic texture.

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Heterophony often occurs in non-Western music and sometimes in folk music. Related to tempo: consult the Oxford Music Online commonly in Italian from the 17thth c. Related to musical forms: Generally capital letters are used to distinguish different sections of a composition.

A capital refers to an exact repetition. A lowercase letter refers to the same music but new text. A prime number after the capital refers to a variation of the music from the original section. The musical form is repeated using different verses of text, as in a hymn or folksong. Many hymns use the far form. This is typically used in dances.

When a group dances are combined into a suite, the dances generally all stay in the same key. This term is also called a ground bass, a chaconne, and a passacaglia. These are common in the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Generally in a theme and variations, the theme itself is identifiable.

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Variation sets are commonly used in the Classical period as the slow movement of a string quartet or symphony. Like the other variation forms, there is usually a return to the subject in the original key. The return to the final A section can be recopied in the music, denoted by a phrase above the music da capoor a sign da capo al segnowhich is common in da capo arias.

Rondos are typically used as the last movement of a Classical sonata, string quartet or symphony. The sonata form emerges from an expanded rounded binary form in the Classical period. Ballad songs and improvisatory instrumental pieces, like the fantasia, toccata or prelude are examples of additive compositions.

Some Renaissance genres mass, motet, madrigal are typically through-composed. It is best to look up unfamiliar words when they are encountered.

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