Autocracy vs Democracy Characteristics

Autocracy, democracy and oligarchy are terms used to define different systems of government. The systems defined by these terms range from a government in which one person makes all decisions to a government in which decisions are made by all people.

There are no laws or constitution that restrain the authority of the autocrat. The people who are governed have no processes, such as elections, through which they can express their desires for how their government operates. The advantages of an autocratic government are that decisions can be made and implemented quickly. However, individual rights are usually ignored and power is often maintained by force.

Some autocracies are theocratic governments, in which the ruler claims to have been put in power by a deity. There are many different forms of democracy, but what makes a democracy different from all other forms of government is the participation of the people in decision-making.

In a direct democracy, each individual has a vote in setting laws, rules and policy.

Democracy vs. Autocracy

In other forms of democracy, such as a republic, the people elect representatives to make decisions on their behalf. Most democracies include a constitution or bill of rights that restrain authority.

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Rule by law, along with the recognition of individual liberties, are among the benefits of a democratic system of government. However, when everyone has some degree of input in decision-making, the process of reaching a decision can take more time. In an oligarchy, a few rulers control the government. These rulers gain their power and maintain their authority as a result of their wealth or another form of influence.

autocracy vs democracy

The oligarch rulers make decisions to benefit themselves financially and with little regard for the wishes or best interests of the people they govern.

The oligarch may not be the official ruler of the country but may have close ties to and influence on those who are officially in power. According to Paul M. A nation's government may not fit neatly into any one of the leadership styles described above. Systems are often in flux, and the process of a system transitioning from one type of government to another happens often. One aspect of a government may operate like a democracy, putting power and decision-making in the hands of the people, while another aspect may cater to the wishes of the wealthy or repress freedoms.For many business owners and executives, few skills or disciplines have more impact on their business and day-to-day world than management.

Consequently, libraries are replete with books that address this topic. Autocracy vs. Democracy How does the iron-fisted, no-discussions approach compare to discussing things and putting them to a vote? What are the respective pros and cons?

In a democratic environment, employees are empowered and feel that their voice is important. Multiple viewpoints provide more diverse options. And the same goes for construction when involved in a crisis: You need the most senior managers giving unequivocal directions to handle the situation. An autocracy infers that others have little to offer and that the boss knows best, while a pure democracy moves too slowly to be effective.

Also, pure democracy can lead to paralysis by analysis, and the people whose ideas were voted down can be left with hard feelings. However, a good manager can solve these potential problems. In fact, your way dies with you. Of course, the skilled lads will take offense at this and may indeed take to the highway—your loss. That said, my company is not a democracy.

While the guy in the trenches usually has a better idea of methods required for an individual application, they often do not have all the information needed to make the best decision. These key aspects of a company cannot be compromised if you want to stay in business.

Production is lost if everything is run by committee. That said, as leaders we need to be open to new ideas and promote collaboration between departments and staff at all levels. Aird, Inc. But autocracy suggests employee inability to handle a given situation and does not encourage thinking a need through, nor does it make employees deal with wrong decisions, which can be very educational long-term.

To grow an organization and to maximize personnel resources, you must have faith in your employees; you must train and encourage them. But if that is your management style, you will attract and retain people who need that type of leadership. As for democracy, most of the time 10 heads are better than one.

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But it takes too long in emergencies. Unless you have buy-in, people will not be productive.Democracy is a form of government in which the people either directly or indirectly, take part in governing. However, the term is also used as a measurement of how much influence a people has over their government, as in how much democracy exists. A modern democracy implies certain rights for citizens:. This is because there is no system that can ideally order society. Traditionally, the purpose of the democracy is to prevent tyranny the accumulation of too much authority in the hands of one or few.

Thus, if the democracy cannot give us a good government, it puts limits to the abuse of power. In simple tone, an autocracy is a system where the ruler rules the people with too much accumulation of the power, or there is no kind of limits on abuse of power. Despotism : Autocracy might be imposed by a single person or a group. Despotism implies tyrannical rule; it suggest a form of government which exercises exacting and near absolute control over all its citizens.

It goes well beyond dictatorship of typical police state measures, and even beyond those measures sustain total war with other state. Dictatorship: Dictatorship is a government headed by a dictator or more generally any authoritarian or totalitarian government. It is often equivalent to a police state, but the term dictator refers to the way the leaders gain and hold power, but not the watch kept on the people.

Police State: A political condition where the government maintains strict control over society, particularly through suspension of rights and often with use of a force of secret police.

autocracy vs democracy

People are subjected to the authority of the state. This sate of condition implies that:. Regulatory: Legislation is regulatory, so that behaviors of all people are strictly regulated, deviation being punishable. Punitive: Legislation is punitive for violation of the prescription or regulation.

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Centralization of power: Governance power is centralized. The devolution of the power is effectively negated. Centralization of power weakens the authority of the Parliament, the law making body.

Ask us in our Discussion Forum. Use of legislation as Social changes as causes Law as an instrument The efficacy of Law Advantages of law in Limitations of Law in Law as a policy Public Opinion, Introduction and The law-making process Law Making Steps How a bill becomes Need of Legal Research Types of Acts. Process of Law Drafting Behavior and Accountability of Law maker Behavior and Accountability of Legislative Terms Legislative Terms.

Go back to subject.This course offers an introduction into the public economics theory. It does not aspire to cover theories of taxation, public expenditures, regulation etc. Rather, our ambition is to give a bird's-eye view of central themes of public economics and related disciplines, and teach concepts, logic, and ideas, rather than methods of analysis, which would require an entirely different course format.

Our choice of topics covered by the course reflects a trade-off between salience and centrality, on the one hand, and suitability for a brief online introductory course, on the other.

The course content is neither comprehensive which would be a "mission impossible" for virtually any public economics course"nor representative of other such courses. With these limitations and caveats in mind, we encourage our students to continue their public economics studies in a more regular fashion, and see our role inter alia in motivating interest in such "continued education". The central theme of the course is the role of government as a mechanism of resource allocation which complements and augments markets.

Governments are viewed as public agencies set to correct market failures. Such agencies however are prone to failures of their own, and hence markets and governments are two imperfect alternatives.

Autocracy Vs. Democracy

We deal with government's limitations, with particular emphasis on those that have to do with informational asymmetry, limited administrative capacity, and imperfect accountability to society.

Do you have technical problems? Write to us: coursera hse. This lecture begins with an analysis of how public economic policies differ from each other in democracies and autocracies.

We next turn to politics of public economics in democracies and begin with the classical result about non-existence of a universal rule of democratic aggregation of preferences Arrow's impossibility theorem. Then introduce so-called single-peaked preferences and discuss the role of median voter in collective decision making.

Possible solutions include restricting democratic procedures to smaller and hopefully more homogenous groups and charging user fees for a public good. We discuss the costs and benefits of these two approaches.

Democracy and autocracy compared. Public Economics. Enroll for Free. This Course Video Transcript. Fiscal policies in democracies and autocracies Democracy and autocracy compared Preference aggregation problem Single-peaked preferences and majority rule Public goods: jointly or separately? Taught By. Leonid Polishchuk Professor.

Try the Course for Free. Explore our Catalog Join for free and get personalized recommendations, updates and offers. Get Started. Learn Anywhere. All rights reserved.The basis of comparison of different types of government can be characteristics. Characteristics define the peculiarities of all types of government. Hence, to know all about Autocracy vs Democracy characteristics becomes extremely essential. It is very difficult to state which form of government is better but we can definitely conclude which type of government is better suited to which social and economic conditions.

This can also be decided from the merits and demerits of Autocracy and Democracy.

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Along with advantages and disadvantages, the structure of these governments should also be compared. Autocracy vs Democracy structure gives us the difference between them with respect to actual ruling of a nation. All types of governments have their own advantages and disadvantages.

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The comparison of autocracy vs democracy pros and cons gives us a good measure of how these government forms are. These pros and cons are the result of autocracy and democracy characteristics. A list of all advantages and disadvantages has been given below:. Some of the autocracy vs democracy advantages are: Autocracy: The security is enhanced in this government form. There is a stronger army.

Te process is faster for the system as only a single person or a few people make decisions. Also, there is less exploitation of the media. Democracy: There is majority rule, so power monopoly is avoided. Also, the power ultimately lies in the hands of people. People have freedom and power of voting and choosing what they want.

A disliked leader can be removed easily as people have the freedom to do so. Similarly, Autocracy vs Democracy disadvantages are Autocracy: As there is just a single person in power, there are higher chances of incorrect decisions being made.

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autocracy vs democracy

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autocracy vs democracy

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